Winter, Part Deux

Ok, so we all got our hopes up with that little taste of spring last week. Alas, it was not to be. It is, afterall, still the middle of February! Still prime knitting weather!

We’ve had several people taking beginning knitting classes and working their way up to more advanced knitting this winter. That’s always good to see. More people need to be introduced to how fun and rewarding knitting and crocheting can be.

The Wrap-me-up shawl knit-along is going well. I think most of us were somewhere in the neighborhood of block 5 or 6 on Wednesday. I am now working on the one with the beads (block 7 I think). It is fun to see it develop as you go.

Hopefully, you will all have power again soon. Ours was off for a few hours Sunday night but then came back on. I guess that was only temporary as it is now off once again. We do have power at the store though so come on in and have a hot cup of coffee and keep warm.

Stay warm.

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Welcome To Knits-n-Knacks

Our Spring/Summer 2010 newsletter is now on-line! You can access it from either the announcements menu above or on the left

Our new class list is posted! – see our newsletter


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Sunny, Sunny, Sunny

It’s sunny outside! There’s still a nip in the air, but spring is just around the corner. Time to start knitting fun spring things. I’ll be making up my spring class schedule soon and would welcome suggestions for spring projects. Also, if you have any ideas for fun things for us to do, I’d love to hear them.

The new restaurant across the street, Olivia’s Chop House is officially opening tonight. Be sure to come try it out. It will be good to have the restaurant open again. Congratulations Wayne

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