Quick Tips For Car Washing

interiorcleaning-300x207Since the invention of people’s most prized possession, their vehicle, there has been an ongoing battle regarding how to clean it and when. It is a task that most people hate to do, but love it when they do decide to take care of it. Often, even though people know that they will be glad they did clean their vehicle, they still end up putting it off for weeks and sometimes months, just because it takes so long to properly wash, wax, and clean out their car.

This means that every time you go into town, you are most likely going to see a car or several vehicles that need a wash from a professional detailer or DIY folks who use pressure washers. Before washing your car with equipment, make sure you know the differences between an electric vs gas pressure washer. Why let your vehicle be one of the dirty ones you see? Do you want other people to say, “Wow, he needs to wash his car”? Instead of feeling shame over the fact you neglect your vehicle, why not discover the best way to clean your car?


After you remove the trash that may be in your vehicle as well as random toys, if you have kids, you will want to protect any leather that you may have, using a cleaner which will oil the leather areas. You may also consider using something on your dashboard, side panels, and other areas within your vehicle. This will ensure that sun damage and general wear and tear does not affect those areas.

When you have finished wiping things down, you may want to vacuum out your car. A shop Vac, a vacuum that is designed for vehicles, or any other vacuum with a hose will work. However, the floor mats sometimes benefit more if you take them out and beat them against something because they are where most of your dirt ends up. Some vacuums are unable to get all of the dirt out of them. A brush may also be used.

Upholstery cleaner is also sometimes necessary. In most cases, normal carpet and upholstery cleaner will work fine. If you are using a new brand or if you have never had a need to clean your vehicle interior, you may want to find a place that is not easily seen to ensure that it does not mess up the color of your interior, but damage to upholstery because you clean it is not very common. Applying a stain guard may also be a benefit if you have children who have snacks within your vehicle sometimes.