The Perfect Material to Make a Baby Wrap

Even with all of the baby wraps that are available, some people still want more color options. If it isn’t colors that they want, they want to avoid the cost of buying several. Regardless of which reason you have, it has already been proven that you can make your own baby wrap and it is cost effective and easy to do. All you have to do is visit your local craft store and explore all of your new options. The hardest part is going to be finding the perfect material to make a baby wrap.

Choose the Right Materials

FabricBlade-300x300Most people have their own ideas regarding the “right” material to use. Some say that a woven material, such as Osnaburg is best because it is permanently pressed. It is a little stiff, but it will soften after you wash it several times. Another option is monk’s cloth, gauze fabric, or even a jacquard weave tablecloth.

In short, anything that is made of cotton or other natural fibers is probably going to be your best option. You will want a material that is breathable, meaning that when you hold it up to a light source, you can see light through it. Even the Best Baby Carrier available is made using 100% cotton. The only type of cotton to really avoid is the quilters’ cotton because of the extremely tight weave.

If you are carrying an infant, a stretchy material or even a knitted fabric may be okay, however, as the child grows, you may not want to use this type any longer because of how much it will stretch. Other types that most moms do not recommend is polyesters that are shiny and satin, leather, and other types of fabric that simply do not breathe well.

As you look around the internet, you will notice that both Jersey and fleece materials are questionable. Some parents love them, others say avoid them at all costs. This alone proves that as long as you are comfortable with the material you choose, you can make a baby wrap or sling with it.

Accessorize Your Baby Sling

babyslingWhen researching, “How to Make a Baby Sling” you will find a variety of suggestions. You will find the length of materials that you need to use and whether you need to sew it or not. In some cases, you may also discover that by creating your own, you will be able to accessorize it a little to make it feel more stylish for you.

Baby wraps are designed to wrap around you multiple times. It goes over both of your shoulders and then wraps around your waist. From there, you tie it off to create the pouch where your baby will sit. The baby slings only go over one of your shoulders and typically use a ring at the shoulder to keep it tight enough to hold your little bundle. With either of these baby carrier styles you can use simple bangle bracelets, napkin rings, or any other type of circled object to accessorize your wrap.

These circles can be found in craft stores, department stores, antique stores, or other places. Many women already have them in their jewelry boxes. There are even hair accessories that have a circular shape and some have a straight bar across the middle. These would be great to add style to the wraps if you want to put one on each shoulder.